iPC X-DL 10.5.6

iPC X-DL OSx86 release notes:

Use this distribution at your own risk! DO NOT ask where to get it!

The LIVE DVD part requires 1.1 GB+ of RAM to boot. Leopard Server requires your own serial (not provided in this release). Admin/Root account password is ipclive. Force the Live DVD for both accounts root and User1.

This release requires a dual layer DVD-R. It can also be written to partition/USB drive if necessary.

ISO Size on Disk: 6.5GB
LiveDVD Base System: iPC Mac OS X 10.5.6 + Latest Apple Update + Additional Apps
Default Installed System: Mac OS X 10.5.6 + AppleDecrypt + Disabler + PC_EFI v9
Installed OS: Mac OS X 10.5.6 with AppleDecrypt.kext and Disabler.kext (every install)
Languages Included: Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Polish
Items removed from Installer Packages: AdditionalSpeechVoices, XcodeTools, BootCamp
Items removed from LiveDVD Base: Dictionaries and Extra Speech Voices
Updates Included: Mac OS X 10.5.6 Combo Update, Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 2, Remote Desktop Client 3.2.2
DVD Bootloader: Chameleon 1.0.11 cdboot
Default installed bootloader: Chameleon 1.0.12 PC_EFI v9
Install DVD Boot Kernel: Voodoo Kernel 9.5.0 Final Release
LiveDVD Boot Kernel: Prelinked Voodoo XNU 9.5.0 w/ vanilla AppleSMBIOS, option to select other prelinked and non-prelinked kernels at boot prompt
MD5 Hash of iPC X-DL.iso: 07d5c845ab3afde7b59a4dcaceb29744

Package List: http://pcwizcomputer.com/ipcosx86/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/package-list.png


This latest iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Dual Layer ISO combines the simplicity and variety of the iPC OSx86 Universal 10.5.6 V1.1 Installer + a fully functional LiveDVD system into one dual booting disc.

This release requires a dual layer DVD-R. It can also be written to partition/USB drive if necessary



As a result of compressed DMG, installing OS X might be slower than with the original iPC 10.5.6 Universal ISO Single Layer

How To Boot Installer

To boot the installer just boot the disc as you normally would and it will go right into the Installer. Make sure to read the pop up installation notes before installing!!

How to Boot LiveDVD

To boot the LiveDVD, boot from the iPC Disc, except this time press F8 while booting the disc to get to the Boot Menu. Type in:


And press Enter to start the LiveDVD Boot. Eventually you will get to the root prompt like this:

:/ root#:

Type in the line “bootlive; exit” (without quotes) like this:

:/ root#: bootlive; exit

And press Enter to start loading the LiveDVD. Now a prompt will come up asking you to specify the RAMDisk Size. A bigger RAMDisk means more room to use the LiveDVD with, but it uses more RAM. The RAMDisk size cannot exceed your physical RAM size. To use the default 1GB RAMDisk size just leave it blank and press Enter. If you want to specify your own RAMDisk size, it must be specified in 512 byte blocks. To calculate this, say I want a RAMDisk 2048MB in size:

(2048 x 512) / 1000000

Basically the formula is (A x 512) / 1000000 where A is the RAMDisk size in megabytes (A multiplied by 512 divided by 1000000).

If everything goes well you will be greeted with the Mac OS X desktop. Where you can use and test Mac OS X in its fullest. If you go to the Applications folder you see the default OS X apps but go into the “iPC_OSx86_Live_Apps” folder inside the Applications folder and a number of applications have been included:

  • AppleHDAPatcher
  • Boomerang Data Recovery
  • Carbon Copy Cloner
  • Clone X 3 (Demo)
  • Clonetool H1
  • CPU-X
  • DSDT Patcher GUI
  • EFIStudio
  • iDefrag (Demo)
  • iPartition (Demo)
  • Kext Helper b7
  • Marvin’s AMD Utility
  • MKextTool
  • MSR Tools
  • NVCAP Maker 1.4
  • OSx86 Tools
  • Pacifist
  • PPF-O-Matic
  • Seashore
  • TextMate (Demo)
  • UInstaller (Universal OSx86 Installer)
  • Zephyroth Utilities — includes:

- About this Mac Modifier
- AMD Patcher
- AMD Software Update

If you want to run your own apps that are not on the DVD then just put them on a USB stick and plug it in Since the iPC LiveDVD relies on the RAMDisk for proper usage, if you check the untitled volume on the desktop you can see how much free space the RAMDisk has left. If you keep running out of free space then increasing the RAMDisk size is recommended if possible.

If you are having issues, try logging out and back in. The root user and pass are ipclive for both. To log in as User1 (admin) in loginwindow just select User1 and use “ipclive” (without quotes) as password, to log in as root choose “Other” from loginwindow and use “root” as username and “ipclive” as password (both without quotes)

Default auto login account is the root account. To log into root choose “Other” at the login window, type in “root” as username and “ipclive” as password. An alternate admin account is also available (you can see it in the login window as “user1″) and the password is also “ipclive”

== Kernel Boot Options ==

This LiveDVD takes advantage of prelinked kernels, combining a kernel and a kext cache together to save loading time. All prelinked kernels on the disc are based on the Voodoo 9.5.0 kernel. Default kernel:

mach_kernel: [prelinked] Default extensions set, vanilla AppleSMBIOS, based on Voodoo 9.5.0

The difference between the prelinked kernels on the disc is all to do with AppleSMBIOS. Some AppleSMBIOS work fine on some systems while they don’t on others. Here are some of the prelinked kernel options available (type the name of the kernel at the boot: prompt to use it e.g. “boot_toh”)

boot_smbios28: [prelinked] Uses AppleSMBIOS-28

boot_smbiosefi: [prelinked] Uses AppleSMBIOSEFI w/ vanilla AppleSMBIOS (Note: this prelinked kernel has a tendency not to work, worth a try)

boot_toh: [prelinked] Uses the old ToH AppleSMBIOS, use this if you have About this Mac crash issues

Note: Switching between these prelinked kernels is only useful if you are using the LiveDVD, these have virtually no effect on the installer


vanilla: unmodified 9.5.0 kernel

no_prelink: unmodified 9.5.0 Voodoo kernel

To install iPC directly from another booted OS X install, just mount the iPC Live ISO. Then mount the “installer.dmg” file by double clicking on it. Then open “Install Mac OS X.app” to start the installation.

iPC OSx86 Install Disc is not responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of using this software!!!!

Thanks to these people:

mercurysquad and the Voodoo Team, netkas, modbin, StageXNU team, zef and the Chameleon team, BuildSmart, MacLovin, Bronya, JaS, Gotoh, aquamac, DuNE, MeDevil, Taruga, stickpin, cyclonefr, DaemonES, iNoob, javalui, Chun Nan, Superhai, fassl, mackerintel, AnV, mac.nub, Steven Lin, inside, delish, lastExile, ToH, eno, Oxtie, spartango, LiveDVD team, and anyone else I haven’t mentioned!

Developer URL: http://www.pcwizcomputer.com

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